Australian Bodycare Home Waxing Kit


Australian Bodycare's Home Waxing Kit is a six piece collection that combines everything you need to achieve salon professional hair removal results at home. The wax kit includes a hand held roller wax heater with two roller wax cartridges, disposable paper strips for wax removal and two skincare products to prep and moisturise skin. Expect soft, smooth, salon-worthy results in your own home.

The Set Contains:

1 x Hand Held Roller Wax Heater:
A cartridge holding wax heater. Dispense wax by rolling across the targeted area. Always roll in the direction of hair growth.

2 x Roller Wax Cartridges (1 Small, 1 Large):
One large cartridge for delivering wax to larger surface areas such as legs and arms. One small cartridge for use on more intimate areas such as bikini line, underarms and eyebrows.

1 x Disposable Paper Strips (100):
Disposable paper strips to remove wax from targeted area.

1 x Body Lotion (100ml):
A gentle antiseptic to rehydrate skin. Specially formulated with Tea Tree Oil, this lightweight lotion delivers nourishing ingredients which work to revive dry skin and retain the skin's natural moisture levels. Experience soft and supple skin that is comfortable. Absorbs quickly into skin. Perfect for use after waxing.

1 x Small Pack Wipes (24):
Alcohol and fragrance free wet wipes suitable for use anywhere. Formulated with 1% Tea Tree Oil which works as a natural antiseptic, the wipes cleanse the skin and remove bacteria from surfaces, including stubborn makeup. Effective and convenient. Perfect for preparing the skin for wax treatments.


  • Australian Bodycare
  • Body Lotion: 100ml / Wipes: 24



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Australian Bodycare Home Waxing Kit


Australian Bodycare Home Waxing Kit