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Cantu is the number 1*, award-winning hair care brand for all textured hair types. Formulated with 100% Shea Butter, our haircare collection is carefully created to give you moisture, definition and shine– whether you have curly, coily, kinky or wavy hair. Achieve your desired look any day and protect your natural hair with our range of brushes, combs and satin bonnets. Skin in need of TLC? We’ve got you covered with our Skin Therapy range enriched with natural butters and oils to deeply moisturise your skin. Celebrate your natural hair and restore your real, authentic beauty with Cantu. 

*Source: IRI Total Textured Haircare category (client defined), Value Sales, 52 w/e 23 January 2021 Total GB


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Cantu 护发品牌擅长护理自然卷和烫后的头发。能深层滋润和调理头发,富含乳木果油和其他滋养成分,可以改变卷发的外观和质地,同时仍然对您的头发友好。lookfantastic 源于英国,和欧美日韩知名品牌的官网合作,100%正品海淘。