Garnier is committed to care for people and the planet. Our #naturallycommitted campaign aims to do just that. Find out what Garnier are doing now to fulfil this commitment, from making our packaging 100% recyclable, sourcing our ingredients sustainably to working with UNICEF to help children in danger.

Naturality – Garnier commits to nourishing your skin and hair with the best ingredients for you.

Sustainability – Garnier commits to caring for the world we live in. We always want to do more.

Future Generations – Garnier is committed to protecting future generations. We aim to care for children around the UK and the world.

Beauty For All – Garnier commits to caring for you as an individual. We believe that natural and healthy beauty is much more than skin deep.

Garnier | 卡尼尔

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卡尼尔,英文名字是 Garnier,源自法国,最出名的产品是卡尼尔胶束水 ,温和卸妆不伤肌肤;卡尼尔防晒系列:天然成分不冒痘;卡尼尔面膜有薰衣草保湿、绿茶排毒等;卡尼尔美白精华有效淡斑;源自英国的 lookfantastic 官网和卡尼尔官网合作,100% 正品寄送全球。