Nioxin Hair System Kit 6 and Bodifying Foam Bundle


Revitalise and volumise hair with NIOXIN's Hair System Kit 6 and Bodifying Foam Bundle, which includes the coveted three part regime for noticeably thinning, medium to course, natural and chemically treated hair, alongside a luxurious styling foam. Dedicated to delivering fuller looking hair, the set boasts the Hair System Kit 6, which works to refresh the scalp and provide moisture balance, whilst the Bodifying Foam delivers a sturdy and volumised hold. The NIOXIN Hair System Kit 6 is a unique system of complementary products that work in unison to achieve resilient, denser looking hair.

The Set Contains:

NIOXIN System 6 Cleanser Shampoo for Noticeably Thinning, Chemically Treated Hair (150ml)
This is the first step in the process to fuller and thicker hair. NIOXIN's unique Scalp Access Delivery System® not only removes environmental residue and sebum with its purifying agents, but the hair and scalp are also protected from sun damage with SPF 15. Vitamins and botanicals in the technology ensure that hair stays healthy and isn't stripped of its natural essential oils.

NIOXIN System 6 Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner for Noticeably Thinning, Chemically Treated Hair (150ml)
Enriched with their Smoothplex® technology, the second step in the regime aids to prevent hair loss and thinning by conditioning and protecting against damage and breakage, whilst also smoothing flyaways.

NIOXIN System 6 Scalp and Hair Treatment for Noticeably Thinning, Chemically Treated Hair (50ml)
The third and final step in the NIOXIN process. Glyo-Shield® technology provides White tea extract and peppermint oil mixed with cleansing and protective conditioning agents to give you a refreshed, hydrated and healthy scalp for optimum hair growth.

Nioxin Bodifying Foam (200ml)
Treat thinning hair to the Bodifying Foam, a multi-tasking styling foam that provides sturdy hold and creates the illusion of thicker, fuller looking hair. Formulated with PRO-THICK™ technology, its complex of thickening polymers deposit on the hair, forming bonds between gaps in strands to create a fuller-looking appearance. Hair will look thicker and healthier with improved manageability and body.


  • Shampoo: 150ml / Conditioner: 150ml / Treatment: 50ml / Bodifying Foam: 200ml.



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Nioxin Hair System Kit 6 and Bodifying Foam Bundle


Nioxin Hair System Kit 6 and Bodifying Foam Bundle